Free will grants man’s ego authoritative pride
By bestowing him with the power to decide
The life’s paths upon which he wants to stride
No matter the circumstances dangling beside
Who we truly are, more than often does coincide
With the choices we make and values we abide
Life’s journey is said to be a very turbulent ride
With forces of good and evil flanking each side
These are the angels and demons who preside
Over the battles fought within us, deep inside
Where our secret thoughts and desires reside
Mountains high, valleys deep, and rivers wide
From our true self we can neither run nor hide
When we toss our pretenses and defenses aside
No man is perfect that’s the excuse we provide
To explain actions and deeds that tends to collide
With the rights and wrongs we portray outside
Lying to self is what creates the great divide
Between body and spirit, a groom and bride
Leading to self-destruction a form of suicide
For it kills sails which direct us against the tide
Of highs and lows and winds that blow us aside
Knowing true self can make man soar and glide
Being ignorant of true self can make him backslide
Free will allow man to be his own destiny’s guide

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