Fortyfive days in hell shivaji pandhare.

Why only fortyfive days in hell
We here living like corpses
Like slave with sewed lips
And fettered with invisible chains
In mask or faceless as non existed
In world, whole life till death.
If there is almighty power over there
He also let us decay in hell
Not any call
Not any response as if in coma
Or unreachable forever
Or busy talking with other pimps
He maybe praising that conspirators
He may offer them long life
Then where we beg justice of
This mental, physical rapes on slave?
Killing us by exploiting without
Shedding drop of blood.
We defeated in this betrayal game
We are breathing every step uncertainly
And sleeps in home like graveyard
Because there is also famine of food
And restrictions on love, and forbidden
To see truth face to face.

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