FORBIDDEN ZEST…..1/28/2015

Count the impulses of my soul
Let love whet the forbidden desire
Lit a fire in the jungle of longing
Let us not talk about righteousness
and sin
Today , those monotonous laws are
not for us.

Let the shells of simple delight
Spill the pearls of ecstasy
On the golden sands, drenched
In the cool moon light
Night yawns opening its arms
Inviting us to dissolve in
The veils of misty darkness
In the dim light of stars.

Let love not get tarnished
With doubt of lust
Brand it not as a spurious love.
Let life not be a waste land.
Let joy and ecstasy engulf
Our bodies, we with lost identities.

Carnival desires are too holy beyond
The sanctums of temples and
Beyond the laws of chastity
And beyond the pages of Holy Books.

Seema Devi 27 Jan 2015

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Copyright © Seema Devi

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Photo Credit: Art by Seema Devi

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