For her beauty eyes –

Things that are beauty we can not express in words
Because of depth so better dumb
I felt it a valley where someone dives
To find himself alive
Love is and has that magic to relive
your all senses otherwise seem nowhere
it’s fragrance of intimacy in breathing
it’s every word we preserve to heart
without it day never arises with sun
you seem to win the world whenever
you look the face and ocean like eyes
but beyond that if she decides no drop
would shed
and these beauty eyes change like blood
and flames of anger rise to burn to ashes
this weapon she would never use
and pieces of flesh she throws to hungry dogs
to survive immortal beauty of soul.
She is ready to pay off to the world
For her true love
Could you grope her heart now
Whom this masculine macho tries to rule over as
In past used to sleep by her lullaby calmly
Used to walk fearlessly holding her finger
That man thinks her weak and vulnerable
She let her enter in her heart
And he forbids all ways for her?
Fetter her with invisible shackles
Still there is no justice for her?
Then how can we say he is well cultured
And genius of this modern epoch?

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