This is not a battle of a people against a people
But rather a struggle of a people for a people
It is a plight plaguing our colorful community
The condemning of flaws within our society

This is the cry of voices pleading for justice
Involving the injustices that go unpunished
Let us not repeat the sins committed in the past
Destroying what was built by blood and sacrifice

Let us not let our actions be driven by hatred
But by the facts surrounding our grievances
The tears, the anguish, the pain and suffering
Of the family, friends and our fellow countrymen

Brought about by persons in our law enforcement
The very ones who’re supposed to serve and protect
End up serving us with bullets and chokes of death!
And the very same ones the courts seem to protect!

Is this how equality is supposed to work?
Racial profiling and use of excessive force
A practice that infringe upon people civil rights
Responding to a mosquito bite with a hammer!

Such matters concerning persons of authority
Must be dealt with without any prejudice
There are many cases that have escaped scrutiny
This is not a problem that will simply go away

If unchecked it will cost us more innocent lives
Its tentacles with keep growing bigger and bigger
It’s a grave issue that should be properly addressed
For the sake of all those who call this country their home

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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