My girl, my best-friend and my lover,
You are my ice-cream and my chocolate,
My model, beautiful patterns on bed cover,
My golden apple lying on a silver plate.

You are like water lily floating on the river,
Producing a nice aroma of passion fruit taste,
Your melon smile gives me hope love receiver,
My queen, my princess, Miss love not in haste.

Since I met you, my diva have no more hungover,
Queen of the stars, shines brighter than the moonlight,
My breathing air, my blood, without you I do shiver,
To love me is a favour, so I value your love not a fate.

You are my heart beat, my eye iris so lavish to pullover,
Tell me today what you want, I do it with no haste,
In each day my darling, I need your love more over,
I love you like my life, my soul and heart health rate.

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