Seek and You Shall Find...

Seek and You Shall Find…

For many moons we looked at each other,
And the love in my Heart grew to get her to,
Walk on this path always with me, in search of You,
For they told me, seek and you shall find…

In the many changing skylines across the Horizons,
I searched through the hazy dusk.
I look forward to be with You on this journey of life,
For they said to me, look with love and you shall see…

I wait for the sound of Your Voice to fall upon my ears,
Amidst the chaos of the noise of this world.
In the silence of my solitude I find the music rise
For I have been told, listen and you shall hear…

English: Ganymede as imaged by New Horizons.

English: Ganymede as imaged by New Horizons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)











And on many paths that we may traverse,
I plead for my Love to hold my hand and guide me.
I pray that together we reach the destination Paradise,
For it has been written, ask and you shall receive…

Copyright @ Vijay Vaghela

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