Look at yourself
Look into your inside

Don’t preach others
Unless you smother

The devil in you
The ego of you…..

Smiles and tears
May decorate you

You know what is
There inside you…..

Keep diving
Keep dwelling

In the heart of you
In the soul of you

Nothing new is there
Outside you

What you are
Is truth inside…..

Efforts of you
To shield yourself

With pretense of truth
An effort in vain

For core of you
For truth in you

Until you know
All of you,inside you…..

First be you
However are you

Rest will dawn
As love and truth

Seated inside
Is only our


~ yathi.rajbabu

[email protected] source from facebook.

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Copyright © Raj Babu Gandham

Raj Babu Gandham is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/raj.babu.58910

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