It isn’t about telling you how special you are when you’re here
It is about the realization which strikes when you are nowhere near,
It’s the desperation to meet you
When you’re the same nothing new,
It’s the sparks that fly when our eyes meet
Or how my heart your name at its every beat,
Its when you stare at me the whole time with no other thought
And then roll your eyes away when I look at you in the fear of getting caught,
Its when our eyes do the talking
Its when I’m never alone even if alone I am walking,
It’s the love you show me in so many different ways
Its like this huge ocean and love are its waves ,
Things might be different in the years later
I don’t think it really matters now when we have each other ,
When I grow old and look at the dove
All I want to say is nothing compares to my first love…!!!

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Copyright © Pearl Mendis

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