She is on the other side...


Your ID please
I feel her fingers
Soft as petals of a Rose
Nails coloured in Pink
Lips reminds me a Red rose
Not easy to satisfy with brief glance
It’s a mere accident
Sorry, she said
One word, not serious
Overthinking makes me fatigued
I saw her wiping out my photo
Sorry madam is it dirty
No it’s okay
Overthinking made me fatigued
I’ve left my visiting card over the counter
Wonderful happening
Is this card for me
She is on the other side
Feel like a close friend
It’s love
I saw you touching my photo
I made a witty remark
She laughed
Do you know my motto
First impression is the last impression

*Sunl Algama* April 24, 2014

Thank you for reading my poem

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