The road you have to pass is under your feet
You need a strong mind to pass the path!
This is the period of the wise and the hard
The wealth of wealth’s is listening wealth!

Don’t allow your shadow to frighten you
Have perfect soul and attain your goal!
The god of success is expecting your due
The kingdom of heaven is within you!

We were born to compete with the nature
It must be the light that created our eyes!
When you obey nature you have to suffer
Bow down to holy women and prophets!

The history of the world is not about rich men
You can’t do good to any one by just crying!
The history is the sacrifice of the strong men
Be straight in virtue and be right in living!

When you are free nature becomes your slave
All the struggle of every life is for freedom!
You free from the anxiety, fear and be brave
All in this universe is fighting for freedom!


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