Some things I would hold dear,
Vowing that I would never let them go,
But misfortune often pries open my fist,
Plans and dreams are shattered, they melt, and they dissolve-

Some friends I hold dear,
And cherish all the time we spend together,
I am filled with nostalgia
Each time that I remember
The things we did; and those we did not,
Of how we met; of how some have lasted when they stay,
How some have departed; never to meet again in this world,
Their past presence lingers on, yet still remain out of this realm-
Out of reach.

A special friend I have held dear; you.
But your existence was threatened
So you keep fading away in mysterious ways;
Under a shroud where friendship is unwelcome,
You hide away,
But we are not to blame for the way it is,
Maybe it is who we are – magnet and glass,
Maybe it is the way we should be,
And I guess we have to remain so,
Just like our worlds-
Far apart.

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Copyright © Victor Gordon

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