He splashed her with emotions
Like ink thrown on bare canvass
The droplets of his affection
Coloured her bruised frame of mind

He captured the hands of her soul
Embracing all her longings
She tossed and turned in defiance
As if to shield her heart from breaking

She has known loads of pain
All in the name of love declared
Yet its thorns were so sharp
Like daggers they tore her apart

But he came with love
So true and kind
To heal her fragile heart
To restore her judging mind

He showered her with passion
Caring for her every emotion
Sewing her back stitch by stitch
Mending her broken trust

For he gazed past her insecurities
Beyond her erect walls of defense
He cared not for her glaring flaws
He loved her to her very core

She conceded at last
Submitting to his appeal
Lowering her tall prickly walls
Bridging the gap in-between

They fell in love
With body and soul
With feelings and deeds
Blending in oneness

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Copyright © Phumla Xuza Khanyile

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Disclaimer: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.


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