Mothers who sell their kids in secret,
After failing attempt to abort,
Abort their blessed pregnant,
Some strangling the poor infant.

Poor child’s life ends in a latrine pit,
As it emerges out of the womb fight,
Fight to come out and explore its right,
Right of living and see the bright light.

At the end what is the gained profit?
Maybe this is the concerned poet,
One who shows the world this cruel mindset,
Outlet of true love through these words leaflet.

Could have been a doctor or scientist,
Scientist who would discover the AIDS’ tablet,
Tablet which could build the cure goblet,
And relieve the world’s burden at its sunset.

Fake mothers you do break my heart,
You fight against God’s will and art,
I’m not judging you but I do spit out,
The truth to shame your disgraceful lame act.

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Copyright © Changez Ndzai


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