So was the plight of a good fellow
Leading a life so sweet and mellow
Within! Traffic lights froze on yellow
Inner monsters began to bellow
Biting more than he could swallow
In depression he’s soon to wallow
Goes in too deep from the shallow
His world turns empty and hollow
A profound loneliness set to follow
Dreams nested on a burning willow
Thus pained tears staining his pillow
He suffers life’s blow after blow
Spirits dampen to an all-time low
Hopes sink down, down below
Strength fading and dying slow

Faith is a powerful and radiant glow
That fills with a positively radiant flow
Makes now and today its bow and arrow
Promising a brighter day, a better tomorrow

Circling above him is a black crow
An omen that begets a tomorrow
Filled with great misery and sorrow
So having little or no time to borrow
Amidst despair that continues to grow
Facing great odds stacked up in a row
Uses present time as a stone to throw
Against the ill fate he needs to overthrow
The rock shoots up like a poisoned arrow
Laced with faith to the bone and marrow
From his sad and lonely entombing farrow
Cutting a path so straight and narrow
Striking hopelessness between its brow
A future promise rises from his barrow
“The crow is dead” sings many a sparrow

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