What is it to be called?
I was stone walled
She stood for natural beauty
As if in spare time created by an almighty

No unfair criticism
But it must contain humanism
Where beauty is praised
Seen from distance and not chased

What I see on her face?
Real charm and trace
Of pure love with innocence
That has drawn me at once

see her nose
that makes me to suppose
she must be the queen
that was never seen

I must admire thirsty lips
That always keeps
My smile within control
I sink in her beautiful smile

She doesn’t express
Any remorse on face
But a natural smile
That shall remain for a while

Let her remain as an idol
Who shall never witness fall
Only fortunate people succeed
To feel and have her to lead

No doubt, she is finest figure
But homely and kind mother
She is literary identity
So far remained unknown with quality

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Copyright © Hasmukh Mehta

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