Eye of the eagle


Envision an eagle about to fly
Allow your spirit to rise with it
Compel your mind to scale the heights
Feel the winds adorning the skies
Winds graced with the wisdom of ages
Blowing with dust from the sands of time
Let your inner eye gaze further beyond
Erase all limits that cloud your sight
Conquer the fears that make you blind
Rid your heart of everything else
But the power and will to have it all
Brace yourself for turbulence ahead
Ride the waves don’t battle against
Use life’s blows to propel forward
Shed off the skin colored by your past
Learn from mistakes and live your life
It is too short don’t throw it away
Hard times you face are nothing but phases
Phases bound to make you stronger
Flap your wings with zest and pride
View the world as an open frontier
For you to soar and have an adventure

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Copyright © Bernard Owor

Bernard Owor is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/bernard.owor

Disclaimer: The picture used herein is taken from the Internet


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