What have you done to better this world we live in?
What role have you played to ensure a better tomorrow?
We have all fallen out of grace with Mother Nature!
Bringing about great destruction by forces of nature

We have toppled the balance that create an equilibrium
Thus prompting tropical storms, hurricanes and typhoons
Still we’re too blind to acknowledge what we have done
Our ignorance and passive inaction is destroying our world

Indeed toxic industrial gases are tearing the ozone layer
And expounding the hazardous effects of global warming
The ice caps at the far corners of the earth continue to melt
And many of us shall drown in our very own negligence

Industrial wastes are poisoning our water sources
Tropical rain forests consumed by development schemes
Deforestation is quickly killing and robbing the earth dry
And many of us shall starve due to our own carelessness

Each and every one of us must take responsibility
To counter the effects bent on destroying our planet
We must learn of ways to cleanse our ecosystem
Creating awareness or planting a tree goes along way

To restoring the damage we have already administered
Practicing recycling also plays a large and important part
Of curbing pollution done by common human products
Also volunteering and donating to nature conservations

Are ways we can contribute towards world preservation
Saving our world starts by caring deeply for our habitat
The time is now make a change by simply taking action
And healing this world for our sake and the sake of future generations

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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