Gaze me close, hug me my love,
Embrace me dear !
Let halo thoughts encircle us
Let all the past dissolve now
Let the future vanish now
The cool fire saw ancient dreams
Let there be spell of immortal bliss
Let mortal thoughts mate with that TRUTH
Eternity has created love
Life to be an undying base
Neither we are aliens or strangers
The soul sees another soul.
I can see you my eyes closed.
Immortal joy is born in mortal flesh
Infinity creates finity, wants
It to live in love and bliss here
Gaze me close , hug me my love
Embrace me dear!

Seema Devi………

My acrylic painting

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Copyright © Seema Devi

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Photo Credit: The image used herein is art by Seema Devi, doctor, poet and artist too.

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