Many stray thoughts
Strike deep at my core
The touch of comfort
Is there no more
So I seek… myself
Like never before
From unsettled waters
I yearn for shore
I toss and I turn
Sweat on each pore
Now there is spite
Where I used to adore
This darkness inside
I can no longer ignore
It poisons my heart
Makes everything sore
If life is a game
Who keeps the score?
What’s there to win?
Speak up I implore!
So when I look back
At the oaths we swore
When I reminisce
The smiles we wore
All laid asunder
Is it I who tore
The veil of companionship
Replaced pure with gore?
It’s sad those moments of bliss
They rarely give an encore
So in this abyss of emotion
Am forever doomed to explore

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