Fabulous Earth…..

Your immense land, expansive seas,
Meandered rivers, mighty peaks,
Furious valcanoes,grassy meadows
Present your enormity by all means!

Attired in icy caps,and frozen boots,
Cause day and night spinning on your route,
You revolve, admire the sun at all angles,
Keeping life in perfect balance.

Man created ruckus in few thousand years,
Helpless, we stand , unable to wipe up your tears,
Hold them back,restore to the frozen state,
We plead ,”Let mankind live on this stage.”

Dear Earth!
You are our sweet serene home,
A storehouse of knowledge and wisdom
We love to protect and pass on this precious earth
Green, rich, cultured to the generation next!

A tribute to the “EARTH” on the Earth Day April 22nd 2014.

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