A country boat on the river Ganges in India

A country boat on the river Ganges in India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)











From my pillow, from the shore I push away
My boat of paper lace
Into the sea of beckoning clouds
Never looking back, no shadow against my face

Casting thyself away with sails made from silk
With the pulsing squall of wind
Lightning strikes, alighting the earth below
This quest on now to find the beginning of the end

To decipher for there and beyond
I will trade spices and cashmere
To uncover this quixotic place
That draws my heart near


Sunrise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










Lofty is this upper ocean
Sailing past the vast variations over the earth below
Setting eyes forward I will voyage on
To find the reverie, the soil of Phileo

I strain my sight for days
Through the firmament of Arabian blue
Nothing is there even when I slumber
For when I wake, rub my eyes, the same is the view

Here there are no constellations
No bearing to lead me on my way and care
Just a beating heart and arcane dreams
Chasing something inside with someone whom to share [avatar user=”Eric Von Rohr” size=”100″ align=”right”]

The earth has turned some ten thousand times
But on my boat of paper lace the voyage on must go
Until I see that horizon appear
And land my boat, on the soil of Phileo

Copyright © Eric Von Rohr

Copyright © 2013 Wandering Satellite Publishing
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