When she was with me you know,
She never cried neither in pain weep,
Though I lack money, my love wasn’t low,
Even now I still care about her feelings seep.

You manipulated her mind, until she did bow,
With your sweet lies, which turned her to a sheep,
Left me alone at home, with her high expectation dhow,
Ran unto your zone, never knew the danger creep.

For you knew her weakness, of success wasn’t new,
You have turned her to a slave in your cruelty ship,
I wish she could see this, but she couldn’t knew,
Though I tried my best, she never listened to my flip.

They said love is blind, if that was the case window,
I respected her decision of letting her love go beep,
Though it pains me a lot, for the sake of her love row,
I silently asked her unto you to come not to sleep.

But you have been misusing her love now,
Instead of enjoying love, as you promised, she weep,
She wails for the suffering in your ill hands blow,
Giving me double heartbreak, for her pain is my grip…

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Copyright © Changez Ndzai

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