Sometimes the truth hides in plain site
Right in front of our very owns eyes
Many are blind to what’s under their noses
Mostly because of their lack of wisdom
And because of their ignorance and fears
Or indoctrinated illusions put in place
To push lost souls towards a certain path
This in the end leads to eternal damnation
Facts misconstrued from Holy Scriptures
Is very often used to amass a following
Thus the existence of cults and sects
Even denominations to a certain extent
Springing from many different interpretations
And sadly also from great misinterpretations
Those who neglect to feed their spiritual self
Fall easy prey to such deceitful teachings
Instead of finding the light they are blinded by it
Take time to yourself to study matters of faith
With a pure intentions and a clean heart
Your spirit will be armed with a positive glow
That spears through deceitful webs
And lights a path to the light of truth
God’s blessing doesn’t necessarily mean
Financial wealth and material possessions
These are notions used to waylay believers
The devil has learned to use religion
As one of his best tools to spread evil
Many pastors and priests follow his bidding
And charms the congregation towards peril
But he who is strong not in body but spirit
Can see the wolf that’s clothed like sheep

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