Do not call,
Do not call her
A call, call girl
As it pains my heart,
My heart to hear it
And before calling her,
Think, think you
What to say to,
Say to and call her
As she is not,
Not a call girl,
But a being,
A human being,
A self, a female and feminine self,
A daughter,
A dark daughter of someone,
A misled devadasi
By palmists, fortune-tellers, priests,
Soothsayers, oracle-makers and florists
And middlemen,
Call, call her not a call girl
A girl trafficked,
Drawn into,
Misled and left,
A girl innocent and ignorant
Robbed off and betrayed,
Cheated and deceived,
Dodged and swindled.

She is not Patita, Patita,
But Punita, Punita,
Not Patita,
But Punita,
Gentleman, try to purge,
Purge yourself
Before say you,
Say you that,
Your heart and soul
Before tell,
Tell you that
She is not Patita, Patita,
But Punita,
A girl cheated
On the way of life,
Digressing and deviating from
And misled
And left
On the path of life
From where it is not easy
To be back.

An innocent girl
We induced her,
Misled and misdirected her
With the temptation
And selfishness
Of our own,
An innocent and ignorant girl
Lured into,
And cheated
In the middle,
She not a prostitute,
A whore
Or a harlot,
A courtesan,
A night girl,
A party woman,
A gang girl.

She is nor
A baby doll,
A mannequin,
A glass woman,
A puppet,
She is a woman,
A woman
Full of sympathy and affection,
Love and feeling,
A feminine self
Full of the milk
Of kindness,
A mother,
A sister,
A wife,
A daughter.

© Bijay Kant Dubey

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