Discover Life, Discover You

Discover Life, Discover You

When you walk down the path you’ve chosen,
You stand alone, strong pretence yet so broken,
Faded smile, with thoughts in your mind,
Don’t give up yet, life is still too kind…

When you lay on your bed, with a heavy heart,
Tears flow from your eyes, you think of the past,
Why wish for something that was not yours,
Why would you blame yourself, if your soul was so pure…

When you gaze at the sky, you think of him,
Now his every thought makes you so grim,
In your silence, I can now sense your pain,
Do not run away, you have something to gain…

Your smile shows me, how weak you’ve been,
Your silence upsets me, pain I’ve now seen,
It’s a shame if I fail to save your soul,
Give me a chance to heal to make you whole…

When you look at me with those eyes I wonder,
Do you think of me as your friend, or it’s just a blunder,
When you walk across you tilt your head away,
Not your eyes though, they shyly look my way…

It’s that smile on your face that I wish to see,
To see you happy, is my sole purpose mean,
You wonder what’s in you that makes me so keen,
Deep within your heart, you have a part that once was me…

Copyright @ Divya Bagul

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