Departed sister

Light of our family is blown off
Spreading darkness all around
Heart bleeds to realize the truth,
That you are no more among us all.

Holding your hands, I entered the school
Wondered often at your principles and rules
You led major events, weddings in the family
Remained awestruck at your enormous ability

We all loved you……..
Being jealous at us,……
Disease too started loving you!…..,
Breaking our heart to innumerable pieces

With positive vibes and forbearance
Managed the ailment with smiling countenance,
With a ray of hope and glitter in the eyes
Fought with it valiantly for years…..

As usual destiny had its final wit,
Submitted to ailment, you had a peaceful exit
Now I search you among stars…….
Glittering and shining from far beyond!

Created a perfect vacuum on earthly measures
Left us with our memories of all times…
May you rest in peace in the abode of Almighty
Being a guiding light to the bereaved family!

Dedicated to my dearest sister……
Mythily Govindan

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