Distraught, alone, motionless.
Talking in circles, talking to himself.
Burned. Finally Learned.
A sympathetic soul was for what he yearned.  Decending
Heart entrenched in deep black coal.
Shivering silently, lonely dark hole.

Suicide depresses a closed mind.
Searching, crying, slowly died
Unloved and alone.
Severing all ties at home.
Seeking anywhere than where he’s from.
A young man struggles on.
Rejected by all those opposed.
Sleeping in smelly clothes.

She could have loved him if she tried.
Maybe that’s just another lie.
As the water rises high,
Lets out a sigh.
Steps off the bridge but he didn’t fly.

Yakka 11/95

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Copyright © Paul Yakalis


Paul Yakalis is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/yakkaman
Photo Credit: Paul Yakalis


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