We must learn to control our fits of anger
Before is consumes us with a wave of regret
In bouts of fury our actions can be rush
And result to entrapment of acts so vile

Yes, I know to be angry is a state that’s natural
It is how we respond to it that tends to matter
As we start to fume our insides begin to boil
So much as to harness a rage that is primal

That’s why we might utter words we do not mean
Or beget grave notions that we did not intend
It is best to calm down until we regain control
Before we decide on which actions we will take

Anger can draw our resolve to levels of extreme
It bamboozles our senses like temporary madness
Indeed it’s an emotion that needs to be contained
Or hearts of men can be destroyed by its flames

To react when we’re seething with anger is not wise
Sanity and caution becomes completely blinded
Thus darkening our ability to listen to reason
Conquering our anger is a great virtue of wisdom

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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