(Inspired by Inno, and Kathy)

Life’s tide was too high,
But I was calm and content;
As the raging waves steered me on the right path

Then I heard her husky voice,
She sang of hurt; of hearts bruised by my kind,
I got curious, and cruised off course to her.

I found her; a dark and ominous angel,
She is a stunning hour glass, from waist to chest,
With enchanting long raven black mane.
On that day she wore tight fitting floral-prints,
Her bosom overstretching her flimsy bodice;
Honestly, that is all I could see there and then,
Deep in my heart, though, I wanted to see beyond that,
To behold the beauty of her heart,
But as I got nearer her, her voice became deeper and harsh, with emotion,
She flinched, choked on her lyrics,
And started bobbing in and out of the water
I thought she was drowning,
And wanted to dive in for her;
Being from the land, I could not swim,
But I let myself fall for her, into the icy water,
I clung unto her; shivering but subdued.
We held for a moment; she breathing heavily on my ear
And I on her nape,
Kindling a fire I knew I would never douse

We swayed to her tune, during that priceless moment,
Her fish tail grazed my legs; I cringed,
So she flinched sheepishly, slid off my hold and swam away
Leaving me to the vices of the sea;
Only her beautiful face remains vivid.

Her song was still resonant in my heart as I expired;
She sang me to death.

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