Swaying spinning and twirling...

Swaying spinning and twirling…

Heavy rain and wind
Lashing against the trees
Shaking and swaying the branches
A beautiful sight”
Tapping her feet to the rhythm
Of the rain and wind
Her face tilted heavenward
Naked arms stretched out
Feeling each tiny raindrop
Energy surges through her being
As her hips start to sway
Wishing that he was there
Dancing with her in this energetic rain
Swaying spinning and twirling
Until finally she feels fulfilled
She danced the dance of the swaying trees
Dancing to the rhythm of the falling rain and the wind
Soaked through
Her skirt clinging to her thighs
Showing her shapely form
With a sigh hugging herself
As her tears are washed away
Her long tresses
Forming her heart shaped pretty face

© 2013 persiankhushi (All rights reserved)

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Copyright © Persian Khushi
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Photo Credit: Vijay Vaghela


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