(A reaction to
JOINT LOVE co-written by Ogechi Veronica & Pacific Corlins)
let these run-on lines fly
on the high wings of eagrets
that swim on immortal airlines
to cloud nine – the planet of trailing betrayal
where trails of mine-hurts
lies in the tears of these eyes
with sighs that mime
the rythms of ties and bounds that broke
epistles of sorrowful rhapsody
wrap up and around glad melodies
scribbled on this sullen scroll
you, yes, you
you came in and squeezed this swollen heart
displacing from its sworn state of partial equilibrium
ridding off every ‘eight’ (hate) electron
that engulf its outermost shell of atom
but you’ve done worse than the moon could forgive
with this underdose of love you have administered
per os and not intravenously
a dagger you have thrust in this heart
a shipwreck of our love boat
on the noisy pacific ocean
beyond the ninth clouds
i faint through this thin faintest clouds
mourning the exit of the earth.
© Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen)

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