At the End of the Forest...

At the End of the Forest…





“Cry in the Night”
(full poem)
1st March 2014

I will always love you,
Please don’t leave me
She screamed
Walls of the village guest house are paper thin
Doors opened and slammed close
Sobs of a broken heart through the night
I will love you always
Please come back
She pretended to be devastated
the chanting became cackle curses

“At the End of the Forest”
they say there once lived a witch
who ate little children for breakfast
she was so ugly even her black cat was afraid to look at her
she had warts all over her face
they say she once fell in love
then made herself up as a pretty maiden
using her spells to catch her prey
the witch smiled to herself
her young man is smitten and made many promises
to love her and to never leave her
that he would always be by her side
life was just too perfect

“Shocked Realization”
then one day he heard noises in the basement
slowly and quietly he went down the ladder
he saw a huge cauldron with green light and sparks coming from it
the smell was awful
then he saw her for who she really was
leaning over the cauldron was his maiden
Her crooked nose and warts he saw for the first time
slowly he reversed in his footsteps
up the ladder and into their home
all the stories he heard now a maelstrom in his head
he was so confused
but how can it be that he did not see?

he realizing that he was under her spell
she tricked him into falling in love with her
when he heard her chanting
he closed the trap door
where they say that she later died
at the end of the forest
where many have tried to possess her wealth
they died a heinous death
the young man is the only one who knew
how to get rid of her forever but he has gone mad trying to conjure spells from her witches bible
how he could have loved her only she knows

“Decades Later”
Those who know and tell the story
they say her wicked spirit still haunts the forest
decades later villagers can still hear her cries
others tell of a maiden crying
or the cackling and chanting of the witch’s laughter [avatar user=”Persian Khushi” size=”100″ align=”right” link=”/author/persian-khushi” /] and little children are kept inside after dark
those who dare go into the forest after dark
are never again seen or heard
it is said that she cast an evil spell on the entire forest

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