Double star Albireo

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You count the stars in the sky
And I will count the stars in your eyes.
My love for you is like the pyramids
From the stones it will rise like
A monument in time!
If I can help it monsters of thine and mine
Will I vanquish and banish from
The sands of time!

O’ how wonderful to be your addiction
Day in and day out can’t live with u without
My one more time begs a repeat
Time after time
The ecstasy will forever last
The light will never die fast
The ship of our love
Will never sail at half mast!

For you are my rainbow in the dark shadow
Of my late night ecstasy on wings of fantasy
Eternal light is thine I await your love
To be forever mine! [avatar user=”Vijay-Vaghela” size=”100″ align=”right”] Words fall with the light
As our hearts dance
And collide
With the stars!

Copyright © Vijay Vaghela

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