Land-mark aeons of
uncertainty and imbalance, new
prototypes for our souls and our minds,
the flowers growing up through the stone cracks,
the unconscious becoming conscious,
the interconnectedness
between the fragments of this cosmic convolution, where
Jehovah explains the Wisdom of the simplicity in
the mortal untapped depths of knowledge, the cowardice
as an aboriginal universal human reality
on the edge of the extinction while losing
the strength to change the outcome,
the synchronization of the nature with the existence,
a new time of an unspeakable rigorousness,
a human awakening,
the highest and the deepest dimensions of being,
Black Road or Xibalba Be,
some energy shifts,
the time in its scriptural Zero point,
the exhaustive expulsion shooting highly,
a nuclear bulge of the Milky Way,
the awesome waves,
Cosmic alarm clock ringing in the human psyche,
a time of change
leaving seeds for the future,
the spiral evolution,
being in-between two important seconds
with our thoughts engendered by duality,
teetering between the
extremes of extinction and illumination…

Copyright © Marieta Maglas

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Copyright © Marieta Maglas

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Disclaimer: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due  appreciation  and credit is acknowledged for the same.

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