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Welcome to The name is Vijay Vaghela. The background goes like this. I am a Selection Grade Lecturer at St. Xavier’s Technical Institute, Mahim, Mumbai, India, with a teaching experience of 35 years. (You are welcome to check out the St. Xavier’s Technical Institute page on facebook which is maintained by me.)

You can contact me on facebook, seek (for me) and you shall find! And yet, also has a page on facebook for interaction.

Alternatively you can send an e-mail to me at:

[email protected]

[email protected]

You may post comments directly addressed to me for any queries that you may have on this site itself. Please do include your e-mail address along with your query. Also when posting your poetry, do include your e-mail address at the end of your content matter. The website consultant continually makes necessary modifications which will allow you to conveniently post your creative work along with relevant pictures clicked by you or your close ones, along with your poem. You are requested to mention/ provide references/ links to images, if you have taken them from Internet web pages.

Regards and Best wishes for your posts. Why wait then? Post your poems now!!!

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  1. daina gregory

    hello Vijay – i have just been looking at poetrybits and wonder if you can give me some advice…i have a lifetime of poems and writings that need to be published somewhere – i have wanted to post them or make a book but don’t know how to go about it and need to know about copyright etc – i have lost writing that i have posted on fb etc and then taken off as it’s not copyrighted – i have images in my mind for my writings but other than trying to paint them myself which i have so little time for as working mundane jobs to survive i don’t know how to go about it all. Does the copyright on poetrybits mean i can’t publish my work anywhere else? wish i understood all of this

    • Vijay Vaghela

      Well Daina – I will try my best to answer your question which is as follows:
      1) Please go through the “Terms of Use” menu link on the home page. It will give you a reasonably fair idea about copyright issues and plagiarism. Alternatively you can search for more information on the Internet.
      2) Under “Terms of Use”, I have clearly stated that as a compilation holds all copyrights for the content, and reserves all rights to publish the content of this website in full or part as a compilation or collection of poems with due credit to the respective individual authors of the poems that may be selected from the collection on this site for the purpose of print publication under it’s own head or banner, namely, “” and/ or “The Universal Gallery of Poetry”.
      3) At the same time rights to individual poems reside with the writers themselves. They are free to publish the same anywhere in either electronic form or print media.
      4) Under the “Vision” link on the home page, I have stated the following:- As our fan base grows in the near future, we will also intend and endeavor to publish a print version of only the best rated poems submitted by our fans visiting our website, and promote the same in the open market. The implementation and celebration of such an endeavor will entirely depend on the quality of the responses and posts that we receive and the growth of this website. At this later stage, depending on the success levels of the marketing strategies adopted, the select authors of the best rated poems which are published would receive a free complimentary copy of this collection of poems.
      I cannot provide any guarantee when this might happen and whether this would take place at all. Worst come to worst…the poems submitted by the patrons of this website, are on the website for the world to see and cherish. For it is every hearts’ desire to reach out and touch the infinite expanse of the sky, to touch the world with the latent talent that lies within all of us, within our dreams. Let the words flow. Let your poetry sing on our pages, Let your lines speak on our site, Let your poem create a beautiful panorama, Let your words unleash the Magic of Poetry!!! The primary objective of this website is therefore to keep the spirit and the talent of writing, alive and kicking in the hearts of aspiring writers to reach up and touch the levels of professionalism.
      I hope the above provides you with your answer. You are welcome to post your creations here on the website, you may login and join using your facebook ID, so that you become a registered member/ author. (You can even post your poems without becoming a member or joining, but it is always better that for the first time when you post that you join and become a member. Every other time you post, it will not be necessary to log in. Just make sure that you type in your same name correctly while posting.
      Your content needs to be original and a picture accompanying it also needs to be original or provided with appropriate reference/ credit.
      The website reserves all rights to edit/ make changes in the content and accept or reject a particular post and even delete a post at any point of time.
      Meanwhile we welcome creations from writers like you…and wish you all the best. May your dream of publishing your poems come true.

  2. Maninder

    wonderful site sir ……….nice to meet you…..thru this site……….Enjoy Blogging.:)

  3. uday

    I posted my poem The Buddha Search but did not include my email address. I hope my poem will get posted!

    • Vijay Vaghela

      Dear Mr. Uday…. the post should have been received by us even without the inclusion of your e-mail address at the end of the poem. But it has not come in our entries. Possibly, you did not fill the captcha value = 6 while posting, or made some error of not including the fields marked with an asterix (*). Please try posting again. you will get a message when the post has been submitted successfully. Thank you.

  4. Vijay M Vaghela

    Thank you Shraddha. We do wish that you would keep on posting your creations in this gallery.

    Editor and Administrator

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