And now I consume myself,
Because it now only
Mimics the filthy past;
Drinks from the river of pain,
To become the sea of pain;
Open its arm wide,
To embrace grief;
Veil itself with darkness,
To slumber in silence;
Hums the hymn of life,
To deter death,
When they are the twin soul,
Merging into each other;
Wants to stand naked in the winds,
To get fondled with hopes-
That have been buried
Long ago beneath the white snow,
In the mountain top,
To shower
Dreams of eternity,
To the meek hearts;
Dancing in the rhythm
Of sorrow,
To sail through
To tomorrow,
To meet the shadow,
That walks with the spirit
Of soul,
For the sake of love;
To lie in rest,
With the moaning dust,
Beneath the earth!


Copyright © Barsha Kumar

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