When first we met,
I thought, how beautiful you are.
Then I spoke to you at length,
Realized your personality was baptized in a pool of love and care.
I was hooked on every quaint word,
Passion fell effortlessly from your lips.
Yearning for you, enticed by such grace,
I fell into a state of armour… entranced.
You occupy every minute of my thoughts,
Softly knocking on my mind’s door.
Sleep evades me as I dwell on thoughts of you,
And when I do fall asleep,you’re there in my dreams.
I complain not,about my plight,
Each time I see you, my stomach has butterflies.
Each sight of you is falling all over again,
It pains me if I can’t touch your warmth.
Unable to play with your gorgeous hair,
Not gaze at your sapphire eyes,
Which I wished gazed into mine.
Your smile has many facets,
Your cheeky, tight-lipped smirk.
Your radiant, laughing smile,Your charming, knowing smile.
They all mesmerizes me so well,
I succumb to you even more.
For any time spent away from you,
I delude myself that you mean nothing.
But then I see you again and waves of emotion swell,
Like tidal waves crashing to shore.
I struggle to stay afloat hopelessly,
I long to tell you of my great love,
Never before been so infatuated.
Never found someone so infuriating.
Never wanting to be far from you,
I yearn to be your guardian and protector.
Like an wolf protecting his family,
I would sacrifice my all to keep you safe.

© Perveiz Ali

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Copyright © Perveiz Ali


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