I was born and raised in the mean street
My experiences were bitter or bittersweet
The dregs of society were part of my fleet
But I sort to change start over a clean sheet
An endless struggle to rise and get on my feet

My past is a very dark place to visit
Still i have to make a short transit
Through my memory’s lane deposit
To moments in time I hate to revisit
Where my demons comfortably sit

My mother’s tale was sexually explicit
She serviced the lusts men would solicit
And offered pleasures that are implicit
Dealt in a trade that was morally illicit
All to escape poverty’s financial deficit

Was told my father was just a deadbeat
His life a total mess the opposite of neat
If i followed his footsteps I’d be dead meat
Thou to survive I had to con, steal and cheat
I sincerely did not want history to repeat

It was hard enough finding food to eat
Stale bread with mold to me was a treat
Conquering the odds an impossible feat
And so many times I was forced to retreat
Still I chose not to quit or accept defeat

I was mad at the world in mind, body, spirit
To street muggings I was often the culprit
A life of crime became a title I was to merit
The filth of streets became mine to inherit
Even as a delinquent I was so full of grit

I practiced lawlessness like a local bandit
To breaking the law I was indeed a pundit
My sheer hopelessness tough to discredit
My outlook of life needed some divine edit
I would miserably fail a psychological audit

On the cathedral steps I would shit and spit
My other sins too vile to mention on the pulpit
The path I was on leading to a bottomless pit
Wasting my life away like water in a sandpit
So doomed like a blind pilot in life’s cockpit

To changing my fate I began to really commit
To obstacles and hurdles I would not submit
The limitations I faced were the ones I permit
With hard work I’d scale life’s hill to the summit
With determined effort the sky would be the limit

I had to make drastic life changes bit by bit
Losing all hope was the first thing to prohibit
I had to find my purpose from flaws that inhibit
Success depended on the strength I’d exhibit
Fought tirelessly to overcame any wrongful habit

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Copyright © Bernard Owor

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Disclaimer: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.


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