But Alas! their innocence is lost...

But Alas! their innocence is lost…


Children are the embodiment of elegance ,
The essence of innocence,
The elixir of life,
And the ecstasy of existence.

Carelessly they often hop around
Making the onlookers enchanted & spellbound.
Their glittering eyes,toothless smiles,nimble steps,’
Cast their innocence lavishly abound.

They move around school, home and friends,
Gain the tinge of love ,affection & confidence
,Every hour, every day they earn the knowledge,
To adapt themselves to the life ahead of their age.

Gradually they become wise and smart,
But Alas! their innocence is lost!
This is the price we pay to become worldly wise,
To enter the adult world of promises and assurances.

Yet in some factories and motels,
Their childhood is robbed by selfish men,
Children toil to earn their wages,
Crushing their desires at the most tender ages.

Social evils are born to greed and salacity
Nip them at the bud to boost peace and harmony,
Each one of us needs a basic morality,
To restore and respect others liberty.

Those moments of childhood innocence
I try to catch and seal it in my mind,
Childhood is the most pleasant times
Cherished and rejoiced by men of all times.

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