Changing Seasons

Changing seasons are our guide to change,
Dynamism conquering the static boredom.
Exciting changes instead of wallowing bitterness,
Joyful the impact of escape from circumstances.
Seasons of intimidation are not the same,
As they progress they rarely improve.
Climatic phenomenon produces visible change,
Unlike Oppressive regimes that subdue always.
Leaders change and methods of control also,
But the end result is still the same…oppression.
Oppressors dominate and denigrate the oppressed,
Change will set you free only when oppression ends.
Sermons in support serve little purpose,
Without action meaningful and genuine.
Deceit and lies does nothing to effect changes,
The oppressed then becomes the oppressors.
Knowing only that form of rule… dominating.
Change must cone from within guided by faith,
Our God must be central to all dealings with man.
Strength of character and strength of faith,
Are the pathways to effective honest change.
Rulers must stay in touch with the ruled,
Beneficial to the people are the changes to be instituted.
Seasons of change should dictate lifting oppression,
The spring should bring smiles of liberty.

©Perveiz Ali

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Copyright © Perveiz Ali


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