Challenges of love

Soothe my burning desires
Quench my thirst
Fulfil the never filling glass of infatuation
Vanish my fears of death
Creeping slowly to capture my heart
And unfurl the flag of his victory
On this victim’s body
Before that ,would you come
To face the challenges?
In this concrete jungle like
Dumb lost myself
Thousand miles away
Because whom I felt close and nearest
Far away by their dreams and means
I don’t argue I don’t blame them
This is contrast contradict or not
But with this duel fight of existence
I am exhausted and tired
Nothing significant remains to worship
Nobody dares to divulge secret of life
How thirst burns?
Like on pyre every moment
For simple truth of real face.
No any play or make believe shows
And false promises any more
Unreachable to nearest aim of life
That is irony of human being on earth
Except love all is nothing in this vicious
Oh !my looooooooooooooooooove with
Million dollars desires where are you?

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