Dark and Ominous Angel

Dark and Ominous Angel

(Inspired by Inno, and Kathy)

Life’s tide was too high,
But I was calm and content;
As the raging waves steered me on the right path

Then I heard her husky voice,
She sang of hurt; of hearts bruised by my kind,
I got curious, and cruised off course to her.

I found her; a dark and ominous angel,
She is a stunning hour glass, from waist to chest,
With enchanting long raven black mane.
On that day she wore tight fitting floral-prints,
Her bosom overstretching her flimsy bodice;
Honestly, that is all I could see there and then,
Deep in my heart, though, I wanted to see beyond that,
To behold the beauty of her heart,
But as I got nearer her, her voice became deeper and harsh, with emotion,
She flinched, choked on her lyrics,
And started bobbing in and out of the water
I thought she was drowning,
And wanted to dive in for her;
Being from the land, I could not swim,
But I let myself fall for her, into the icy water,
I clung unto her; shivering but subdued.
We held for a moment; she breathing heavily on my ear
And I on her nape,
Kindling a fire I knew I would never douse

We swayed to her tune, during that priceless moment,
Her fish tail grazed my legs; I cringed,
So she flinched sheepishly, slid off my hold and swam away
Leaving me to the vices of the sea;
Only her beautiful face remains vivid.

Her song was still resonant in my heart as I expired;
She sang me to death.

Calm The Fueds

Calm The Fueds

Age of conflicts or age of civilization
This is the dilemma for every nation
When future in modernity beckons man
Then why the application of violent tan.

Calm are seas and ocean alike
For resentment and greed there rarely does spike
Territorial integrity is just a lame divert
Humanity tossed around and morals inert.

Copyright © Jay

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Good Morning, Sir, Morning-morning

Good Morning, Sir, Morning-morning

Good morning, sir,
Good morning,
A fine morning keeps,
Keeps banging at your door,
Awake, awake and arise you
And see, see you
What a beautiful morning is it
Full of serenade,
Quietude and silence,
The solitude lovable,
Come you, come you and see it
A fine morning banging at your door.

A silence is remarkable
With the fresh stir in air,
The leaves too arising from,
The ducks ready to swim in the pond,
The fishermen returning from,
The lotus still full of dew drops
Shaking them
And the world appearing new.

Good morning, sir,
Morning, morning,
Good morning, sir,
The world looking afresh, anew,
The breeze refreshing us all,
The birds giving a shrill call
And lo, it is morning!

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Copyright © Bijay Kant Dubey

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Parable Of The Monarch

Parable Of The Monarch

Fascinating are these parables held episodically with red roses blooming ideally
….Among a plutonian night’s eye
Still, far into that oceanic universe do I stare unconsciously
…Transmuting all hopes to the sky
Where darkness reigns illuminated gracefully, as so are those golden wings thankfully
…Blessed I say are these monarch butterflies to fly

The base elements of dreaming you should assume ….

As a moment stuttered swift causing a chrono shift and I lost in my mind
Found a city of citadels benign with gods and that of which I called divine
Here I stood as a Pharaoh with Queen Nefertiti so perfectly by my side

For I…

Was the son of Ra, the moon to the sun but she was my passionate star
Yes, Guilty with having gilt I was, yet I was more so a guilty glutton for her smile
Pyramids were built to fortify her essence; as I knew tales of her charm would transcend time
Sublime as I was reincarnated throughout lifetimes the beautiful one would always come with me

You see her heart plated with gold calls to my own
Thusly, the passion that connected us so, no one or thing can ever deny
Therefore, Love goes beyond that of an intimate intercourse
It stands in a realm sanctified in the thoughts orbiting a simple forever

Thereby affections without eternity is just infatuations do not be fooled by your lust
Because then you may end up a monarch shrouded by subconscious shadows
….A pharaoh fading into the sand and dust alone

~ Paradise’s Poet ~


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Copyright © Tony Paradise’s Poet
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Eden’s Temptation

Eden’s Temptation

There in transitions to the idioms that infected my mind
Sit the theatrical story of those
That were tricked into gaining knowledge over
The eternal life that was promised to them

Now they, as I, stand in time forever fools to our own intelligence
Bearing the sins of madness; articulating some deity’s unanticipated unveiling of ignorance
Work diligently as slaves in servitude to a vile curse that is of man’s absurd curiosity

Which slowly but surely makes a habit of stripping away heaven
Thus we sadly invent words to interpret this forsaken hell
To create a new world that we may describe as paradise


How can I understand that which I have never understood, for all that is, was so
An atom of “god” full to the brim with nothing
Except its own free will to study and philosophize about the known universe

A cosmos build upon dark matter infused with the same particles
That forces my heart to drum life into this conscious illusion that I dance for,
More so scream over and hopeless fall in love with

The insanity!

Likewise are my thoughts those marked as sinister in the nocturnal moments
When the twilight of my discord mingles with the midnight of dreams
I lose myself then to the frantic ideas belonging to the hallucinating vagabond
One drowning in the howling voices festering at his wits; leaving him to crave for a divinity’s mercy

I want to know what is this delusion…

The quantum hex that is geared towards a subatomic notion once instilled, but
Bent parallel from the abysmal tides regarding empty space
Which was never implied as everlasting, even though it was always seen as such
Though the meta physics held as science among those intellectual fools

Endlessly it seems, we are searching for a garden fruitful with mankind’s unwanted vanity,
However, this is something I wish not to believe…in any case its irrelevant
… Because maybe we gave into Eden’s only temptation for this very purpose alone
For what is anything if unaware of self… certainly not godlike right?

…Yet, Perhaps our ignorance towards knowledge made us as such…

~ Paradise’s Poet ~

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Copyright © Tony Paradise’s Poet
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