To be alone is like a flower without fragrance
Wild imagination runs through
And it pains
Ponder your flaws and analyse it cause
Imbibe and make it as law
Loneliness leads you mile
Feel light and smile
Touch the sky of imagination
Savour itand experience jubilation

Wind and the rose

Wind and the rose

Wind blows rose sways
The chillness thrills and spells elation
Walking along the hills
The thought of her frills
She smiles and I feel bright
Birds perched on the trees
Like a gentle breeze it was h
Oh good I feel light
She is my rose and like a wind my thought
Always brush and cherish sweet moments with her



Mind sometime you twinkle like a star
Mind wante like a moon
Why don’t you be constant like a North star
Mind you shine like sun
You illuminate shower serenity



Mind is stressed
Mangled and occupied

Untangle from monotony
Umpteen ways brings you gay

Hobby ploughs
Happiness glows

Stroll outside
Shield anxiety

Talking and sharing
Updating and debating

Listening to music
Line with melody

Painting pictures
Pooling features

Relax and rejoice
Relish and relief

© Shobha Raman


My English Hindustani English

You do not take me for
A pucca Englishman,
Speaking Standard English,
Impeccable English,
Not even for an Anglo-Indian,
Not a gora sahib,
But a brown, very brown sahib,
An Hindustani man
As no Englishman am I
Nor a European too.

I am an Indian, an India man,
A Hindustani boy
Speaking in English,
Just trying to speak in
Haltingly, hesitantly
Not so fluent, proficient in,
Not even conversant with
The nuances and idiosyncrasies of it,
Never, never an Englishman,
But, but a Hindustani man,
Speaking, speaking Hindustani English.

My dear friends, ladies and gentlemen,
Take me not for an Englishman,
Even an Anglo-Indian
Nor for a convent-educated boy,
A Hindustani boy, boy am I
Never, never a convent boy,
But a rural boy
Learning by rote to speak in English,
Putting paan to my mouth
To speak in.

I thinking and thinking to speak,
Speak in English,
Framing sentences to express,
Sometimes fumbling and faltering badly,
Misspelling the words,
Beginning to stammer,
Sometimes failing to put it before,
What to say and how to
As words come not,
Sentences fail I to construct,
A bilingual, trilingual am I.

Goonda, chor, badmash
My words,
Ram Sing, come here,
Order I
Like a sahib calling
Call I
My waiter, orderly
In an English tone
To show that I know English,
That I a sahib of some sort
Speaking in English,
Ordering in the likewise manner.

Kavita Utsav

Graffiti, banners, festoons,
Bills and boards
All telling of
Poetry, Poetry Festival,
Kavita, aaj ki kavita,
Poem, the poem of today.

The poets from all around,
Different parts of the country
Gathering to participate
In the festival,
Poets, poets, poetry,
Poetry, poetry, poets.

Kavita Utsav,
Kavita kavi ke liye,
Kavi kavita ke liye,
Poetry Festival,
The poem for the poet,
The poet for the poem.

The poet on the lawn
Sitting and reclined
Writing poems,
Reading them,
Rehearsing to recite

Some taking paan,
Some smoking cigars,
Some beedis,
Some tobacco,
Some cheroots.

A few of them had been
With French-cut beards,
A few bearded oddly
With the unkempt beards,
A few folksy, a few ultra-modern.

The open ground spread over
Camped and stalled
With pamphlets and brochures,
Booklets and poetry collections
Of the old and the new
Appeared to be a fair ground.

Mainly the poets and poetesses
Read and heard poems
With the selfies taken
And presentations advertized
And the organizing poets held it
The press conference to shoot to limelight.

Many just went there to the campus
For to take tea or coffee
Or to buy things from the fair ground,
Many for an outing
Rather than hearing poetry
Though it was Kavita Utsav.

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