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Mind is stressed Mangled and occupied Untangle from monotony Umpteen ways brings you gay Hobby ploughs Happiness glows Stroll outside


My English Hindustani English

You do not take me for A pucca Englishman, Speaking Standard English, Impeccable English, Not even for an Anglo-Indian, Not


Kavita Utsav

Graffiti, banners, festoons, Bills and boards All telling of Poetry, Poetry Festival, Kavita, aaj ki kavita, Poem, the poem of


Dark and Ominous Angel

(Inspired by Inno, and Kathy) Life’s tide was too high, But I was calm and content; As the raging waves


poem-writing — Shawn L. Bird

Mysteries unfurled intertwining worlds whirling words life inferred. via poem-writing — Shawn L. Bird


Calm The Fueds

Age of conflicts or age of civilization This is the dilemma for every nation When future in modernity beckons man


Good Morning, Sir, Morning-morning

Good morning, sir, Good morning, A fine morning keeps, Keeps banging at your door, Awake, awake and arise you And

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Parable Of The Monarch

Fascinating are these parables held episodically with red roses blooming ideally ….Among a plutonian night’s eye Still, far into that

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