Sullen muse

Sullen muse

O’ my sullen muse!,
Just for one dreadful night,
Can you be loyal with me?
Be not harsh,
And pour me the drops of benevolence,
For one last time;
And let me indite the-
Horatian Ode of the Epoch,
For my beloved-
Digging pits in my heart,
With the sharp dagger of apathy;
Before I sacrifice my soul
At the mystic altar of humanity,
In the garden of Demeter!

Copyright © Barsha Kumar



One, two, three…
The count goes on
Lost upon lost
Innocent harmless souls are killed

Like Borno, Burma is not safe
If not for all, then for those whose crime is being a minority

They are murder, martyr
And are not far from total annihilation

But Human rights turns human rats
And to Burma’s plight they are deaf, dumb and blind
Acting only in their mute, while silence become their match song

They sing in silent muse
Expecting me to join as an ally
But my humanity denies me such freedom
And now I’m singing the “Stop the killing” song

For how longer could I be mute
When my humanity questions my humanity
Each times my dumbness rein over my wit
And my muse betrays my heartfelt?

Brother from Burma
I glanced at your photo from the wilderness
And see your lost, loneliness
And a people deserted by their own kinsmen

I know home is worst than wilderness when your love ones are gone,
But you will be alone no more
For not all are human rats
Some are truly Human Rights

God’s aid shall come soon

Black Money, White Money, The Cruel Joke of Today

Black money, white money,
White black, black white
Now-a-days engaging us most,
But only one thing know we not,
Who is but black
And who white?

Only the country joker left with
The bundles of Rs. 500 and 1000 denominations
Repenting with the head on the palm
As for having not deposited
In his name
And that too procured from
From a well-wisher after the expiry.

Black money, white money,
White money, black money,
This the talk of today,
People in the city talking about,
In the country talking about,
Who has but what
With the head on the palm?

Those who have not are joking,
Those who have are repenting,
What to be done with,
How to line up and queue,
All feeling cashless,
The banks and the ATMs too
Without plenty of money?

Wherever go you they are talking,
They are talking,
Black money, white money,
White money, black money,
Black money, white money,
White money, black money,
They rhyming it well and misspelling too.

Who has what, who has what,
Who has what, if in excess give us,
Give us, your black money,
We shall turn them into white,
White, but throw you not
Your black, black money,
Saying and joking and smiling bitingly?

The Tempest

The Tempest

And there she was, constantly brewing emotions inside me.
A tempest, she must be.

And there was me, whose heart had been etched with these words;
I love the rain.
But not as violent as this one.

Copyright © Angeltone



Some things I would hold dear,
Vowing that I would never let them go,
But misfortune often pries open my fist,
Plans and dreams are shattered, they melt, and they dissolve-

Some friends I hold dear,
And cherish all the time we spend together,
I am filled with nostalgia
Each time that I remember
The things we did; and those we did not,
Of how we met; of how some have lasted when they stay,
How some have departed; never to meet again in this world,
Their past presence lingers on, yet still remain out of this realm-
Out of reach.

A special friend I have held dear; you.
But your existence was threatened
So you keep fading away in mysterious ways;
Under a shroud where friendship is unwelcome,
You hide away,
But we are not to blame for the way it is,
Maybe it is who we are – magnet and glass,
Maybe it is the way we should be,
And I guess we have to remain so,
Just like our worlds-
Far apart.

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Copyright © Victor Gordon

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Disclaimer: The images used herein are taken from the Internet and submitted by the author. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.

Departed Sister

Departed Sister

Departed sister

Light of our family is blown off
Spreading darkness all around
Heart bleeds to realize the truth,
That you are no more among us all.

Holding your hands, I entered the school
Wondered often at your principles and rules
You led major events, weddings in the family
Remained awestruck at your enormous ability

We all loved you……..
Being jealous at us,……
Disease too started loving you!…..,
Breaking our heart to innumerable pieces

With positive vibes and forbearance
Managed the ailment with smiling countenance,
With a ray of hope and glitter in the eyes
Fought with it valiantly for years…..

As usual destiny had its final wit,
Submitted to ailment, you had a peaceful exit
Now I search you among stars…….
Glittering and shining from far beyond!

Created a perfect vacuum on earthly measures
Left us with our memories of all times…
May you rest in peace in the abode of Almighty
Being a guiding light to the bereaved family!

Dedicated to my dearest sister……
Mythily Govindan

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Copyright © Mythily Govindan

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Photo Credit Disclaimer: The image herein is taken from the Internet and submitted by the author. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.

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