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The thing with Writerly Insomnia

I hail from lands that might seem strange to you my dear So I have many things to tell you


Keep The Faith!

When the sun is down, When there is darkness all around, When everything seems to fade, Just walk my friend

Love, Philosophy

My Lover Turns Into A Witch At Night

By Oppong Clifford Benjamin I was as sure as faith and dance as darkness and its absence and as heaven

Life, Love, Philosophy, Sadness

Beyond a distant Horizon

[Written for Z] The sun is risen above the summit of a mountain- a Dwala- Beaming, chasing darkness away; Rejuvenating


What Is In My Karma, I Do Not Know/ Karam-dharam/ Your Karma-dharma

hey say it Your karma is your dharma, Your dharma your karma, The fruit of your action, Action That you


Kashmir Delirium

Kashmir Delirium Oh People Of Earth! Thankful are we, For each act of benevolence shown to us. Your gilded sweet



They rest With pale shadows Gazing at the changing horizons Haunting me. I can’t hear The echo of my heart



From the descent of Aseda comes three men with the mandate Who live somewhere up above the moon. The whole

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