for Ogechi Veronica
would it not be madness
to say I’m in love with imagination?
the heartfelt breath that appears
in the shallow snores of my dreams
upon my stone-pillow at bethel.
I have seen hearts melt for beauty
and feet slid for virtues
but all I got lost to, is a breeze
in the shallow thoughts of my imagination
somewhere in the plains of Abia
which spread over the valleys of my brain –
a folktale of my nightmares.
I have heard of penpals, and pen friends
on blank sheets of empty promises
on papers that hold the liquid state of the future
but I have jilted Cupid
and stolen from him – a Pen Love –
this again, is madness.
tell me, are you short and stumpy?
long and slender, white or black?
I have lost my heart to believe a lie
in the presence of sanity, I have chosen madness
and say, “art thou a manly creation or just a breeze?”
I ask,
“is Cupid stupid?”
© Samuel Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen
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Copyright © Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen)

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…A duet by Fasusi Ayobami Folakemi & Adesoro Segun Emmanuel

On the stainless wall of my brain
I made recital of your name -my fame
Like dawn-to-dusk free-falling rain
Pregnant crowded cloud couldn’t tame.

Never knew love grows like weeds-
‘Til I found you in my heart’s royal garden
Greener than the finest of wheats
So ebony and sweeter than honey.

Only heaven’s finest work of art,
Has built a love castle in my heart,
Let us then, write our love story on moon’s palm
For yet unborn couples to recite in psalms.

Beyond love, friendship -we share
Together, we make a fabulous pair
We have risen above all difficulties, fear
Basking in the euphoria of love and care

You ‘re my Superman, I’m your Louis lane
Are you spiderman? Meet your Mary Jane
You are more to be desired than honey
With you, I’m ready for life’s journey

Our love is secured with end to end encryption
Gallant firewall that has defied all decryption
We are homies, buddies, two peas in a pod
The world can’t comprehend us, – odd.

*K-Classico et. Àse* © 2016.

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Copyright © Adesoro Segun ProofSegz

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Warm Aspirations

Warm Aspirations

Hushed and gentle words aright
I would speak into your heart
Beside the pulsing tide and moonlight

Would a tender whisper
A kiss on the forehead
Put a wind in your sails and mine
So we could glide into the day’s ending time

I wonder about soft lace
Your surrendered touch
If we would embrace

Would I watch our footprints behind us?
Disappearing back into the sea
Or would I shut my eyes, ever so tightly

Would the tender breeze from the sea
Stir wisps of your hair into your entrancing stare
With gentle fingers, over your ear
I would remove with care

Would it cause your heart to succumb?
To reveal that glint in your eyes
Would it put a smile into the existing one?

With wonder and praying
How is it that you are so captivating?
A thread you have pulled
Unraveling a heart of solitude

Life is still and composed
Until again, my eyes of you behold
Warm aspirations, reality, conflict between
Like the opposites clamor and serene

I wonder and pray to my Lord to tell
Yet these warm aspirations for you, still do not dispel

Copyright 2015 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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Copyright © Eric Von Rohr


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My Lover Turns Into A Witch At Night

My Lover Turns Into A Witch At Night

By Oppong Clifford Benjamin
I was as sure as faith and dance
as darkness and its absence
and as heaven and humans-
I had no doubt that God was here
And that God was there too;
In sins, He was here and
in the holiest of holies, He was there.
It was a dark room under a dark rainy sky
with the stars hidden behind frowning clouds
The air carried everything including our doubts
on its carelessly chaotic cold paths to nowhere
It was the sound of percussion instrument playing
Playing soft hymns to the atmosphere unseen
On the floor, seated we were:
Legs crossed. Right on left leg
right palm in left.
A black candle burned its wax away
to illuminate our dark life someways
Kiky had mastered her craft.
She was in a black cassock
She looked ahead of my head
And closed her eyes again softly.
She didn’t want to breathe
She didn’t want to call my name
I watched her dance to the heavens;
Head bent to the feet,
Her hips curved around the dark,
Hands thrown to the near west
Heartbeats in accordance with every bit
of nature. It was with the rains on the roof.
I watched her turn into air and
back to a shadow on the wall
I watched her move back and forth
between the present world and trance
She danced her glory off,
She divined our future
And I looked on with anxious surprise.
And my lover finally became everything
I couldn’t have been,
everything I had only dreamt of;
The room walls
The moment
The air
The candle
The dark
And God
And Kiky was God
And God was Kiky
And God was us.
She opened her eyes abruptly and
spoke to the silence and it broke
As above so below, she said and smiled.

By Kweku Atta Crayon ( Oppong Clifford Benjamin)

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Copyright © Oppong Clifford Benjamin
Written By: Oppong Clifford Benjamin

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Beyond a distant Horizon

Beyond a distant Horizon

[Written for Z]

The sun is risen above the summit of a mountain- a Dwala-
Beaming, chasing darkness away;
Rejuvenating the veld as the dew shimmers,
Pasture assumes its deep brown lustre
As if trying to blend with the golden sun’s rays;
The Dwala – where it had momentarily perched-
Has slowly set it free for its westerly journey

My Tropical Savannah is a beauty:
Deep brown pasture in summer, clustered bushes and umbrella trees
Irregular footpaths run across its plains,
I assume one of them leads to you,
But as I trace them, they shy away at a distant horizon,
As if the sky is eating them up
The sun brings a light breeze mid-flight,
It blows softly on my quill,
Making a melody with the fur;
Whistling a song on the brim of my inkwell

On one footpath, I spot two love birds coming from the well,
The damsel is balancing an earthen calabash on her head;
My lips crease into a marvel-smile at their chatter and carefree laughter
I am surprised at myself for sharing their moment of bliss,
But then, it is always easy to share happiness.

Bliss is…abstract,
As the beauty and radiance of our sun

But the burden of sadness is…concrete,
Something I can share with you,
Only after I trace these footpaths beyond the horizon

The dying sun perches on a faraway ridge like an alter offering
Its deep brown rays permeate the foliage.
By and by, colours fade away with darkness.

The veld now looks old and beaten, almost gothic,
The sun is gone, leaving a trace of a blue-brown spectrum;
I hope it has come to you my dear,
With the same happiness it brings me

Darkness sets in.

Though my sentiments are hurt at the thought of having to close my inkwell,
I love the sweet calmness reigning in harmony with the sound of nocturnals,
Besides, seeing another beautiful sunrise is enough consolation.

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Copyright © Victor Gordon

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Spare no expense tonight
my dear,
to dissect my agitated heart
and strangle
every complaintive syllable
Sprouting in it.
Let the merciless lances of
your scornful blushes
Haunt every corner
of this ruptured flippant.
Let the rapacious looks
of your aggrieved eyes
Squeeze out of it,
the remaining drops
of inauspicious hope.
let the vulturous howling
of your choicest curses
Suppress the tunes of
unfulfilled promises.
my dear the prestigious
draperies concealing
the agonising tale of
thy inclemencies
are about to fall, come
Save the face of love.
Come my dear as my breaths
Await thy last appearance
Come before my sick beats
Will divorce my pierced bosom.
Will not you come?

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Copyright © Badee Uz Zaman

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