Consuming myself

Consuming myself

And now I consume myself,
Because it now only
Mimics the filthy past;
Drinks from the river of pain,
To become the sea of pain;
Open its arm wide,
To embrace grief;
Veil itself with darkness,
To slumber in silence;
Hums the hymn of life,
To deter death,
When they are the twin soul,
Merging into each other;
Wants to stand naked in the winds,
To get fondled with hopes-
That have been buried
Long ago beneath the white snow,
In the mountain top,
To shower
Dreams of eternity,
To the meek hearts;
Dancing in the rhythm
Of sorrow,
To sail through
To tomorrow,
To meet the shadow,
That walks with the spirit
Of soul,
For the sake of love;
To lie in rest,
With the moaning dust,
Beneath the earth!


Copyright © Barsha Kumar



Love is the thread
Emotion and feeling are the strands

Understanding is the yarn
Relation is the fibre

© Shobha Raman

The thing with Writerly Insomnia

The thing with Writerly Insomnia

I hail from lands that might seem strange to you my dear
So I have many things to tell you
But I waste much time in trying to make the story short
and encoding it in the language you understand
Sometimes I get lost in poetic mazes of my own making

As for my bloodshot eyes
it’s just a “thing” that comes with writerly insomnia

But you see
the “thing” with writerly insomnia is life threatening:
I have been staring at blank pages for hours
the ink I put, wont it only yield blotted pages?



“The love that never fades…”; she said,”I want that kind of story”
“It’s only in the fairy tales, Sarah”; he said,”that’s real in reel or theory!”
“Oh! That ain’t true my dear, coz love definitely finds you I feel…”
“You live in your own sweet dream world that is what I feel!”
“Dream or no dream, there’s someone meant only for you; whose footsteps in your life would move things up for you!”
“I don’t know about moving things is true, for it only changes a part & later everything of you!”
“And that’s the magic it creates, you start loving the things you hate”
“Oh don’t give me this crap; for I ain’t falling in this trap”
“What you call a trap that’s something I call bliss; But I’m afraid when you realize this you might have it already missed…!”
“I may or may not, that’s best known to time; Right now I’m too busy embracing this very while”
“I’d wait for that day my friend when you’d be at other side of the story; Truly absorbed in love, celebrating life like a trophy…
For love is love…it strikes first to the person consciously avoiding this trap; But trust me Nick… it’s worth having the crap!”

Copyright © Shweta Vaghela

Disclaimer: The image used herein is in the public domain and taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day,
Valentine’s Day
With roses and dreams,
Catching fancy and imagination,
The spirit of romance and romanticism
Coming, coming,
With the roses fresh and fine,
Sweetly redolent and dew-laden
With the message
Betray you not,
Hurt you not anybody’s feelings,
Love, love you the heart,
The soul, but not always with self interest.

The Temple of Heart is pure, extremely pure
And there is no place, place
For falsehood in it,
As says it the heart,
You, you try at least
To be sincere to your feelings,
To your heart
Where dwells in the living soul
Dislodging your lust sometimes.

Love, love is not what we take it for,
Only romantic love is not all,
Why to be sad, sad for someone else,
Try, try to comfort yourself,
Try, try to console the broken self sometimes
After compromising with
As love has many a shade,
Love for the child, love for God,
Mark, mark you the life of St.Valentine and his teachings.



Some things I would hold dear,
Vowing that I would never let them go,
But misfortune often pries open my fist,
Plans and dreams are shattered, they melt, and they dissolve-

Some friends I hold dear,
And cherish all the time we spend together,
I am filled with nostalgia
Each time that I remember
The things we did; and those we did not,
Of how we met; of how some have lasted when they stay,
How some have departed; never to meet again in this world,
Their past presence lingers on, yet still remain out of this realm-
Out of reach.

A special friend I have held dear; you.
But your existence was threatened
So you keep fading away in mysterious ways;
Under a shroud where friendship is unwelcome,
You hide away,
But we are not to blame for the way it is,
Maybe it is who we are – magnet and glass,
Maybe it is the way we should be,
And I guess we have to remain so,
Just like our worlds-
Far apart.

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Copyright © Victor Gordon

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Disclaimer: The images used herein are taken from the Internet and submitted by the author. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.

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