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Kar Lo Duniya Mutthi Mei, The Ad For Mobile Connectivity

A slim girl smilingly On the billboard Advertising, Advertising With the mobile, Mobile phone handset Into the hands, Hands of


The Golden Brown Jackal

The golden brown jackal Often see I Passing by, Slipping through With the swift steps The jackal, The golden brown


History, History of The World Know I Not

History, history of the world Know I not, How was it created, How vast is it, When did it originate,



My God, it is a wonder to see The zebra, The zebra, Horse-like But with stripes, Black and white stripes,


Do Not Call Her A Call Girl She Is After All A Female Being Full of The Milk of Human Kindness

Do not call, Do not call her A call, call girl As it pains my heart, My heart to hear

Joy, Life

Happy, Happy New Year To You, Happy, Happy New Year to You! (On The Eve of The New Year)/ Wish You A Happy, Happy New Year To You, A Happy 2017!

Happy, happy new year to you, Happy, happy new year to you, Happy, happy new year To you And the


Bob Dylan (After The Nobel), Where Do You Lie Stringing The Guitar Silently From Hide?

Bob Dylan, Where, where do you Lie in Stringing the guitar, The guitar and singing, Singing the songs Silently, Silently

Life, Love, Sadness


Some things I would hold dear, Vowing that I would never let them go, But misfortune often pries open my

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