Soaring way up high...

Soaring way up high…















I am as free as the wind
My soul like an eagle
Soaring way up high
Rising above all adversity
Living in this moment of now
Utter bliss
His love carries me through
As only He knows my true depth
I am free as the wind
Gliding on His love under my wings
Stunning is the world from up here
Springs of love and joy from my soul
Flow to reach many a heart
Setting faces aglow with light of His light
Carefree am I
From way up high
Resting my wings on the anchors of the world
Wherever I soar
There is no true love to compare
On this high I am [avatar user=”Persian Khushi” size=”100″ align=”right” link=”/author/persian-khushi” /] Living in the moment of today
Tomorrow takes care of itself

18th March 2014

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